25 June 2018

Biomatrix build the world's largest floating riverbank

Biomatrix Rennes

In May Biomatrix Water's island manufacturing team had worked hard to make the ecosystem modules for what will become the largest floating riverbank worldwide. The team set out with a fully loaded articulated lorry to install the units in the city of Rennes, France.

The first floating planters have been installed. And they are waiting to see the ecosystems maturing as they transform waterways in these living water cities.

Biomatrix Water use nature's systems to create floating ecosystems that clean up waterways and create biodiverse and vibrant river environments.

They have implemented these systems across the globe, from Thailand, to Spain, Finland and the UK.

The floating systems are specifically designed to improve water quality by harnessing nature's power. They create a long-term sustainable solution to water management, without the use of chemicals.