14 March 2018

Revolutionary organ printing technologies company now recruiting.

Organlike 2

A new-tech company is being established from research developed in Scotland’s leading universities.  The Company is taking to market new technology to provide 3D printed, hyper-realistic organ models for surgical rehearsal and training.  Their products will help to significantly improve surgical outcomes, patient recovery and the efficiency of surgical activities. 

OrganLike is developing revolutionary organ printing technologies for future healthcare. Their novel organ printing technology will provide low-cost, hyper-real and rapid production of ‘OrganLike’ models. These will be utilised for clinical training and the emerging market of bespoke rehearsal models, from individual 3D MRI/CT scans, to reduce risk, improve safety and enhance the success of critical surgery.

Over the last 5 years the company has developed novel 3D printing technology and unique material formulations that enable them to rapidly manufacture bespoke 3D organ models that have a much greater organ-like look, feel and dynamic behaviour than hard-plastic, silicone, rubber or hydrogel-based models.

OrganLike are currently recruiting for two key roles, the posts have significant opportunities for advancement as the Company grows and new staff are taken-on.  You will be based at their new office facilities in Inverness, amidst the Highlands of Scotland with a great quality of life that you would hopefully treasure.

A Technologist/Bio-engineer/Medical devices/electronics engineer

To fulfil this central role, you will be responsible for transforming advanced lab technology into a commercial process and produce first sales products.  You will help develop standards and production processes to meet regulatory requirements. You will be responsible for refining and growing product manufacture and working with their scientists and customers to ‘design for manufacture’ their new products. Closing date: 10 April 2018 For more information>>

An enthusiastic ‘Can sort it’ Administrator

They are looking for someone to help put in-place and operate the Company’s administrative processes and support the CEO in the business management activities. OrganLike is a equal opportunities employer you will just need to be eager to get involved in a dynamic, multi-faceted new-tech Company. Closing date: 26th March 2018 For more information>>